• Caelin Aerin

    Caelin Aerin

    non-binary • they/them pronouns. Copy coach for paradigm-breaking entrepreneurs. www.touchstonecopy.com

  • Ana Briard

    Ana Briard

    Founder of @avoteca, writer, travel wonderer, freelance lawyer for freelancers

  • Christian Stewart ✔️

    Christian Stewart ✔️

    Privacy, technology and internet culture. Trying my hand at YouTube here: youtube.com/c/privacy-guy

  • novalis



  • Dani Lee Collins

    Dani Lee Collins

    Trying to ask the right questions. I explore fantasy, reality, and the world we inhabit in between. Join the adventure: http://bit.ly/danileecollins

  • Rafael Costa

    Rafael Costa

    I create relationships where people feel safe and encouraged to develop themselves.

  • Jae Hermann

    Jae Hermann

    Storyteller | Copy Editor | Badassery Advocate → https://jaehermann.com

  • Yunzhe Zhou

    Yunzhe Zhou

    Designing life through monthly action plans. For how you you can get started on a side project, get the toolkit here: bit.ly/12sideprojects ✨

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